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                                    Team S.A.V.E. History

It all started during the 2006 FLL robotics season, when our coach, Bryan Kelly had trouble getting us to
concentrate and stay working on our robot. We basically had the attention span of a gnat – Hey we were
all about 9-years old, so not unusual. We liked to play video games a lot though. So he strategically
leveraged our interests with the promise to teach us how to develop “our own” video games (post the
robotics season), as long as we would stay focused on our robotics team tasks. That did the trick, so we
all buckled down and pulled through the season, and actually managed to make it to the Oregon State

After the season was over, and he taught us about video game development, and we stayed locked and
focused onto everything we were learning, and had a blast over that summer. Our coach was also
learning along the way. He ran it like a team, but each of us developed his own video game of their own
design. We learned many cool tricks by researching through www.yoyogames.com, and helped each
other with different stuff we learned. We took image snapshots of our game and had team shirts made
with our game on them. We were so eager to attend these video game sessions, we never wanted to
leave. Impressed, our coach thought if a fun competitive video game development program ever became
an academic sport, he’d be all over it in a heartbeat. That thought would be reality a few years later.
Formally a pilot program, the Oregon Game Project Challenge program, under the umbrella of
TechStart, became available to junior high schools for the first time in 2009. So during OGPC 2.0, we
participated in our first video game competition.

During OGPC 2.0, we started our team with two new team members. The project theme that year was
Water Resources. We developed a game named Interceptor and we came home from the competition
with second place win. It was awesome fun, so we decided to return again to participate in OGPC 3.0.
The project theme this season is Health & Wellness. After kicking around some ideas, we quickly chose
to approach disease prevention and treatment of a disease called malaria. One of our former team
members left for another school, and two new ones joined, and so that is where we are right now, a team
of six.

We plan to contribute our game to Bill Gates'
Medicines for Malaria Venture.
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