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                           Community Sharing Project

Overall we have discovered that video game design and development is
more than a cool-fun thing to do, it was something that anyone could do.
The only thing holding back others was lack of awareness of Game Maker,
and perhaps lack of confidence to pursue it. The S.A.V.E. team set out to
address this challenge!!!

1.    We designed a Game Maker Video Game Development Showcase and
held this during the school day at a local Elementary school. We planned
and worked out permissions and details with the respective school
principals. The showcase focused upon:

a.    Game Maker – What is it, and where to download it.

b.    Tutorial – We developed a UFO laser shooting asteroid blasting game.
The showcase was designed so that the kids perform hands-on learning,
while each S.A.V.E. team member stands behind to offer instruction and
guidance. We prepared and set up six (6) specially prepared computer
stations (laptops) to carry out this program. Each station was attended by 2-
4 kids.

c.     See snapshot of the (left) of slide show that was prepared. This was short as the
goal was to quickly move onto the hands-on exercise.

2.    The showcase was well attended. About 40-45 kids attended overall (3rd to 6th grade). Almost all kids
were not aware that they could actually make their own video games. Because Game Maker is free, or low
cost for the Pro version, it makes it accessible for all kids to take to the next level. Please see some pictures
and videos below. Click on the Flickr link
here to see more.

3.    S.A.V.E. team prepared and handed out flyers to ensure that attendees walked away with the
information they needed to pursue Game Maker further. See flyer

4.    A display Board was prepared. See slide show
here. Many kids stopped to look at it. The purpose was
to educate about kids about:

a.    Game Maker

b.    OGPC (Oregon Game Project Challenge)

c.    This year’s theme, Health & Wellness, and some general info about our selected topic, Malaria.
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