We learned how to develop and maintain an engineering lab notebook from our recent FTC robotics season. We applied the
same approach in our participation in OGPC season #3. We leveraged the on-line Google Docs to capture our lab notebook.
See sample images on the right.

In FTC robotics we developed an engineering lab notebook to keep track of meetings and team ideas. Each meeting we would
create a new journal entry and each member would insert information regarding what they got done today, robot progress, and
goals for meetings to come.

You can view that lab notebook on out Untitled-8 robotics website:

Click here to view our lab notebook!

Though the Lab Book isn't an item required by OGPC, we decided that this was a great opportunity really go above and
beyond and show people how great we can communicate, and all that we've really been doing. The Lab Notebook is
something that makes team S.A.V.E. truly unique. Each meeting a new entry is created for each member to contribute what
they got done into the meeting's entry. It also gets the whole team more involved and makes everyone more accountable.

With Google Docs, each member of the team has the capability to work on the Lab Book from their home. Once they save
their work, it is instantly available for others to edit. We tried other applications like Zoho.com and Microsoft Word, but they
didn't offer all of the features we were looking for.


Feel free to view our Lab Book and use it as a model for you own team's use.
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